A common acronym found in internet forums. It means In This Thread. It's used by lazy posters who want to communicate what they are looking for with a minimum of words. Typical usage might be something like "ITT pictures of kittens", signaling that the poster wants other people to post pictures of kittens.

Not at all appropriate on E2, or even on most forums, as it is a extreme case of non-communication on the part of the poster. No explanation of why they want kittens, no commentary on the social worth of kittens, simply a brief and forward request.

ITT (International Thief Thief) is a song — released in 1980 — by Nigerian musician Fela Kuti and his band Africa 70.

Through lyrics in Nigerian Pidgin English the song relates how 'Many foreign companies dey Africa carry all our money go'. As an example of this it accuses the ITT corporation of obtaining lucrative contracts in Nigeria by bribing politicians and government officials. Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo and politician MKO Abiola are named as being involved.

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