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Iceland Defense Force

Iceland has been considered geostrategically important since the superpowers of today (imperialists) began their battle. Subsequently it was occupied by British troops in 1939, five years prior to its declaration of independence. At the time Iceland was a semi-autonomic Danish colony, neutral in the ongoing world war. One year later Denmark was invaded & occupied by German forces and an informal query was made by the Icelandic government to the U.S.A. A plea for support & protection really. Quoting the Monroe Doctrine, Iceland presented itself on a silver plate. July 1941, U.S. & Iceland reach an agreement of mutual interests, an interesting side note, a condition made by the Icelandic government is that the troops be segregated (i.e. caucasians only). Four thousand U.S. Marines arrive and a joint command between the British & Americans is established which lasts for almost a year. In 1943 occupying forces peak at about 50.000, equaling the native adult male population.

In the years to come following the end of WWII Iceland had become an independent republic, the majority of army forces were withdrawn and although Icelanders benefited greatly from the Marshall Plan they were reluctant to concede to U.S. requests to remain. Drawing closer to the middle of the century serious historical events such as the beginning of the Cold War, the communist coup of the late Czechoslovakia, the founding of NATO which Iceland was party to despite public dissent and the Korean War contributed to Iceland's signing of a Defense Agreement in 1951. Four radar stations quickly followed, spread around the country to the effect of forming a square and various contract jobs no doubt upping the GDP by a point or two. In 1956 the Icelandic parliament considered denouncing the Defense Agreement but as usual (eventually) American interests prevailed. Again in 1974 the government announces these same intentions as policy but alas a petition against it was signed by the majority of eligible voters.

Meanwhile in 1960 the Organisation of Military Occupancy Opponents is founded which organized roughly 50 km protest walks from the capital, Reykjavik to the base which is located near the international airport in Keflavík. Political parties & public organizations have opposed Iceland’s participation in militaristic alliances, a reasonable argument is that nuclear arms should come nowhere near the shores of such a peaceloving country. Today solely the Organization of Military Base Opponents, founded 1975, is active, it seems a lost cause.

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