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It's not slick; it's brash.
That's rock 'n' roll.
-- Ike Reilly

Ike Reilly released his first recording in July 2001 - Salesmen and Racists. If you admire his favorite artists, Bob Dylan and The Clash, then you need to listen to him - NOW! Salesmen and Racists won wide critical acclaim - with various publications listing it among the top ten releases for the year. In late 2002 Ike followed with an EP, Cars & Girls & Drinks & Songs - a five-song collection that should only reinforce his growing reputation.

Reilly is a raw edged rocker. He's not a clone of anyone, but his music, his voice, his phrasing - all seem familiar. Different songs bring different people to mind. Here he seems like a folksy Dylan. There he's a power anthem rocker. Much of the time you have this feeling you've heard this guy before, but just can't place who he is.

I guess the songs are revealing,
but who gives a shit about me?

Well, he grew up in Libertyville, Illinois. He's fortysomething years old, married, and has four children. While he once played in obscure bands in the Chicago area including the Drovers, the Eisenhowers, and Community #9 (at the time, Ike's 9th band). But he gave it up; the shitty pay, lousy hours, and time away from his family were too much. Instead he landed a steady job as a hotel doorman. He says it was a great job and he'd probably still have it - except they tore the hotel down.

Yet Ike never stopped writing songs, if only for himself and friends. One of the friends convinced him to send a demo in - and soon after the record industry was offering a recording contract.

Ike has given reviewers cause to compare him to Dylan, Springsteen, Paul Westerberg, the Replacements, and The Violent Femmes. With the demolition of that hotel, the world lost an underachieving doorman and gained a great new musical artist.

Ike Reilly and band

Ike Reilly - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Dave Cottini - drums
Tommy O'Donnel - bass
Phil Karnatz - guitar
Ed Tinley - keyboards, guitar
Ike Reilly's official record company webpage is at:

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