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Im"bri*cate (?), Im"bri*ca`ted (?), a. [L. imbricatus, p.p. of imbricare to cover with tiles, to form like a gutter tile, fr. imbrex, -icis, a hollow tile, gutter tile, fr. imber rain.]


Bent and hollowed like a roof or gutter tile.


Lying over each other in regular order, so as to "break joints," like tiles or shingles on a roof, the scales on the leaf buds of plants and the cups of some acorns, or the scales of fishes; overlapping each other at the margins, as leaves in aestivation.


In decorative art: Having scales lapping one over the other, or a representation of such scales; as, an imbricated surface; an imbricated pattern.

© Webster 1913.

Im"bri*cate (?), v. t.

To lay in order, one lapping over another, so as to form an imbricated surface.

© Webster 1913.

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