For a scant few millennia, all the stars in the visible sky darkened, as from a cosmic power outage. Then a handful of nascent suns flared up in a series of completely unexpected supernovae, roasting inhabited and lifeless planets alike within a radius of several parsecs. Black holes exploded, the speed of light tripled, time moved sideways and Pi approached 4.

Then, within less than a microsecond, sanity returned to the Universe as the laws of physics were restored to their rule over matter, energy, space and time. Chaos was replaced by order, and carefree playfulness by gentle reproof:

"Godlets! After a billion years, you should have learned some responsibility. I've told you for aeons, I won't tell you again: When you're done playing with your universe, clean up after yourselves, and put your world-shaping toys back into the immortality drawer!"

My first Nodeshell Rescue. Please be gentle!

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