Singer/songwriter who hails from Atlanta. India.arie released the critically acclaimed album "Acoustic Soul", featuring the top 20 single "Video". Yeah, you've heard it..."I'm not the average girl from your video / And I ain't built like a supermodel / But I learned to love myself unconditionally / Because I am a queen". Much more effective girl power message than the forgettable pap you hear from Destiny's Child.

India.arie cites Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Oleta Adams, Vince Gill, and George Benson as inspirations. The music on her album draws from a variety of sources but it definitely has a strong soul and hip-hop background. I personally think she sounds a bit like Cassandra Wilson but with more power in her voice and less "mumbling".

India.arie was one of the co-founders of an artist collective called Groovement/Earthseed. This group put out an independent release which got them noticed by Lilith Fair organizers and they ended up performing on the second stage. These performances in turn got her noticed by talent scouts at Universal Music and Motown.

India.arie's name comes as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi whose birthday matched her due date.


Acoustic Soul

Motown Records, released on 2001/03/27

  1. Intro
  2. Video
  3. Promises
  4. Brown Skin
  5. Strength, Courage & Wisdom
  6. Nature
  7. Back To The Middle
  8. Ready For Love
  9. Interlude
  10. Always In My Head
  11. I See God In You
  12. Simple
  13. Part Of My Life
  14. Beautiful
  15. Outro
  16. Wonderful (Stevie Wonder Dedication) - (bonus track)

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