'Infiltrate 202' is a rave song (a 'techno rave stomper', in fact) by Altern8, so called because it uses a lengthy sample of 808 State's 'Pacific 202'. It was released as part of the 'Vertigo' EP in 1991, and as track two on the band's only LP, 'Full On Mask Hysteria'. The tune also uses the vocal melody from Bowa's 'A Different Story'. "I know you're gonna want me, but when you want me, it might be a different story".

The song contains some short snippets of speech at the beginning and end of the disc. They are:

(an upper-class voice) "Oh no, not more bass"
(an effected Manchunian 'sorted'-type voice) "Yeah, check this next track out, you've got Asterix and Space, watch your bass bins, I'm tellin' ya"
'Asterix and Space' was the psuedonym of Chris Duckenfield, a DJ who remixed the track and may possibly have been the person making the announcement.

And at the end:

(an upper-class voice "(indecipherable) techno rave stomper, complete with obligatory low-frequency bass, created in Stafford with assistance from Nexus 21, alledgedly recorded on a four-track in two hours. This has enough power to destroy the most expensive washing machine."
(an upper-class voice) "(indecipherable)"

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