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The Inkerman whistle is a type of whistle worn by senior NCOs1 of the Light Infantry Regiment of the British Army while dressed in their more formal uniforms. The whistle is short and tubular, and stays within a slot on the right hand side of the belt buckle. It is connected by a chain to a Lion's head boss located on the centre of the NCO's red sash. Inkerman whistles and their chains are made of silver.

Perhaps more interesting is the history of the whistle, which gets its name from the Battle of Inkerman (5th November 1854), which was fought during the Crimean War. The Light Infantry played a crucial role in this battle, and were willing to fight without their greatcoats despite the bitter cold, that they might act more freely. Unfortunately, most of the officers were killed, and it was left to the NCOs to lead the bayonet charge that drove the Russian Yakutsk Regiment from the battle. It was for this that the Inkerman whistle and chain were awarded.

  1. From the Light Infantry dress code:
    10. The Inkerman silver whistle and chain is worn by all Warrant Officers Class II, Colour Sergeants and Sergeants.


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