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Easily one of the Top Ten Puzzle Games Ever. I don't know if this is the original name, I've seen it under the name same game and same gnome too. Basically, the Idea is to click on the tiles that have other tiles with the same shape (or color) on them. They then disapear, and everything slides down and left. The game ends when no two similar tiles are together. Very addictive.

SameGame's puzzle just sits there if you put down the TI-83 calculator. Insane Game by Martin Hock and Bill Nagel, on the other hand, adds an "action mode" that starts with the screen half-full and adds a shower of puzzle pieces; if the screen fills up, game over.

It's been cloned as part of freepuzzlearena, making it available for DOS, Linux, and Windows; get it at http://www.pineight.com . There's a second action mode in this PC version in which the screen slowly scrolls upward; it's somewhat reminiscent of Tetris Attack.

Gnome sane?

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