in case you do let AOL Instant Messanger turn emoticons into little yellow faces for you, and have wondered what character combinations make up those smileys, i've done a little investigative studying and turned up the following emoticons for all of you to use an enjoy on instant messanger, without having to click on the emoticon-selector-box:

:-)     (happy)
=-O     (shocked)
:-$     (?)
:-\     (upset)
:-(     (sad)
:-*     (kissy face)
:-!     (foot mouth?)
:'(     (crying)
;-)     (winking)
>:o     (angry)
:-[     (blushing)
:-X     (keeping a secret)
:-P     (tongue sticking out)
8-)     (wearing sun glasses)
O:-)     (halo over head)
:-D     (really big grin)

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