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In 1995 New York based label Instinct Records released a series of cds of ambient music, one album each month. All of these that I have managed to get my hands on are excellent, though I AM very fond of ambient music in general.

This series is as follows:
  1. SETI - Pharos - 2CD (Saavas Ysatis & Taylor Deupre)
  2. Ambient Systems - 2CD compilation of Instinct Ambient Artists
  3. Omicron - The Generation and Motion of a Pulse - CD (Saavas Ysatis)
  4. Facil - Facil - CD (Dietrich Schoenemann & Abe Duque)
  5. Mysteries Of Science - The Erotic Nature Of Automated Universes - CD (Dominic Woosey)
  6. Adham Shaikh - Journey To The Sun - CD
  7. Terre Thaemlitz - Soil - CD
  8. Escape Tank - Escape Tank - CD
  9. Control X - Control X - CD
  10. Super Secret Symphony - Super Secret Symphony - CD
  11. Ambient Instermix - 2CD compilation of the above artists reworking

CDs from this series are easily recognisable by their distinctive cover artwork - most of which were designed by Taylor Deupree.

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