A branch of the Université du Québec, the IA-F performs research on human and animal health, and environmental science. Research is performed in the fields of immunology, applied microbiology, virology, experimental biology, bio-medicine and bio-food sciences. So basically, we're talkin' Frankenstein stuff, here.

The Institute Armand-Frappier maintains close links with the pharmaceutical industry. Some research goes toward technologies with industrial applications.

The human health research done by the institute targets problems such as multiple sclerosis, infectious diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, nervous disorders, respiratory, cardiovascular, and reproductive problems, allergies, and auto-immunizing diseases.

The institute is named after Armand Frappier, a doctor and microbiologist who helped further health sciences in Québec. There are two campuses, one at Pointe-Claire, the other at Laval.

See also: Quebec's Universities.

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