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In*vet"er*ate (?), a. [L. inveteratus, p. p. of inveterare to render old; pref. in- in + vetus, veteris, old. See Veteran.]


Old; long-established.


It is an inveterate and received opinion. Bacon.


Firmly established by long continuance; obstinate; deep-rooted; of long standing; as, an inveterate disease; an inveterate abuse.

Heal the inveterate canker of one wound. Shak.


Having habits fixed by long continuance; confirmed; habitual; as, an inveterate idler or smoker.


Malignant; virulent; spiteful.

H. Brooke.


© Webster 1913.

In*vet"er*ate (?), v. t.

To fix and settle by long continuance.




© Webster 1913.

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