Today I put to you a wild proposition. An idea so ludicrious and so shattering that it could very well break your spirit to continue. After extensive investigation using the latest scientific instrumentation available to humankind I have uncovered a secret that has been hidden deep within everything. Deep within the psyche of a sick twisted individual.

I began my investigation on one jessicapierce and even I was stunned at what I found. Taking Jessica's (warning this might not be her real name!) four top reputation nodes I submitted them to anagram testing. Note: of course you now realise a lot of these might have been changed to hide the diabolical operations of evil itself. This is what i found

1st Top Node
TITLE: Why are we all so troubled? (idea)
TIME: 2000-03-11 17:19:51
I say watch this space. Jessica appears to be setting the tone of our eventual demise. Hell will be our dreary absolute. Pervading everything, but to jp this seems to be a stunning realisations. The "WOW!" hinting at ticklish fantasies of all of us playing satan's hellish tunes without realisation.

2nd Top Node
TITLE: Ok, here's the thing, please don't fucking do this. (idea)
TIME: 2000-03-25 18:21:56
ANAGRAM:I had dinner with satan and we had a really great time. We spoke about destroying everything.
This node title was so evil that my anagram decoder died. All I can say is Run! Run for the hills! I wonder what she ate as she drooled and grinned.

3rd Top Node
TITLE: What to do if you've got too much semen on your hands (idea)
TIME: 1999-11-27 14:51:54
This one doesn't need to be rearranged in order to interpret its sinster meaning. Everything will soon be converted to one of those seedy movie theatres where hand towels are standard issue. In a one monumental orgasm everything will be thrust into a gooey mess. Yes folks, we will drown in our own semen.

5th Top Node
TITLE: Jessica Pierce (person)
TIME NODED: 2000-03-30 14:19:12
We can see here some disturbing information from the name of the author herself! In an attempt to personalise the everything user to her nodes she has lured us into a deep trap. Circe is a character from Greek Mythology. She was a goddess who turned Odysseus's men temporarily into swine but later gave them directions for their journey home. Could it be that Jessica Pierce will, through some vile process, lead our asses astray by turning us into swine? Or it be some more sinister ass chip that makes us think we are swine? And what about the Jeep? Will this be our vehicle of salvation or is it the get away vehicle for Jessica as "jeep I" implies?

I sincerely hope the admins and all the users out there take this very seriously. I know I am.


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