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Following early artistic training at the Vogue School of Fashion and the renowned Chicago Art Institute, young Isabel Scherer of Davenport, Iowa devoted two formative summers to expanding her artistic horizons under the watchful eye of Grant Wood, America’s greatest prairie artist. While improving her skills within Wood’s Stone City Art Colony, Isabel also met soon-to-be-accomplished artist John Bloom, whom she married in 1938.

While later pursuing a sculpting career in her home studio, Isabel seized the opportunity to combine her artistic talents with America’s newest communication medium, live television. As host of “Make Believe,” Isabel designed clay figures to illustrate the children’s stories she told. Isabel’s insightful observations of children, both on the set and at home, became the driving inspiration of her sculpting career.

Isabel’s experimentation with the reproduction of her clay sculptures led to the development of the unique casting and hand-finishing process still in use today. Encouraged by the ever-increasing demand for her stylized designs, hand-finished to resemble the weathered bronze of Victorian-era garden sculpture, Isabel moved her home studio into rented quarters in the Village of East Davenport, a facility still in use as one of the Studio Showrooms of Isabel Bloom, L.L.C.

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