Isolated Power is a very rarely used Baseball statistic. Unlike most very rarely used Baseball statistics, it was not created by Bill James; rather, it was invented by the creator of On-Base Percentage, a more often used statistic, Branch Rickey.

Isolated Power measures a hitters ability to get extra bases on a hit. It can be measured by subtracting a player's batting average from his slugging percentage. The all-time leader is Babe Ruth, with .348, extremely high considering his career batting average was a good deal higher than your average power hitter of today.

All time IP leaders
* - active

  1. Babe Ruth, .348
  2. Mark McGwire, .325
  3. Barry Bonds*, .300
  4. Lou Gehrig, .292
  5. Hank Greenberg, .292
  6. Ted Williams, .289
  7. Jimmie Foxx, .284
  8. Manny Ramirez*, .283
  9. Jim Thome*, .280
  10. Ralph Kiner, .269

Single Season IP
* - active

  1. Barry Bonds*--2001--.536
  2. Babe Ruth--1920--.472
  3. Babe Ruth--1921--.469
  4. Mark McGwire--1998--.454
  5. Barry Bonds*--2002--.429
  6. Mark McGwire--1996--.418
  7. Mark McGwire--1999--.418
  8. Babe Ruth--1927--.417
  9. Sammy Sosa*--2001--.409
  10. Lou Gehrig--1927--.392

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