Out of the corner of his eye he saw it. It was laying there by the side of the road, squashed. The tread marks were still visible on the flattened paper, so were the creases of the once upon a time child's flight of fancy.

Interest piqued, he bent down to pick it up. It was clear that this was more than a paper airplane. It was a work of art as well. The crayola hatchings beneath the dirt attested to that fact. Gingerly, he peeled open the paper, carefully unfolding so as not to rip.

On one side, he found a crude sketch of a woman and child, hand in hand, in purple crayon. More like bubble figures really but the shapes were unmistakable. Above the child was a heart shaped speech bubble with the words inside

"show me our dream house again Mommy! please?"

The reverse side contained a carefully crafted depiction of a small cottage in colored pencils. It was complete with white picket fence, shaker shingles, colorful marigolds in window boxes in front of fine lacy curtains, and a lavender door.

To one side was a small vegetable garden with a green bean teepee growing in the center. Blueberry bushes and raspberry plants grew just to the left. Ivy trailed up along the brick chimney, softly framing it in green splendor. A rose trellis acted like a doorway into the garden paradise. On the other side of the house was a wooden swing set. A pretty woman in a long skirt and peasant blouse pushed a laughing girl high on the swing.

Above this house was a white puffy cloud that cast no shadow. Upon it sat a man, an angel complete with wings and halo, peering down upon the two with a smile on his face.

He stood for a moment, silent. He carefully refolded the paper back into the airplane it was, sharpening the creases and opening it up like new. Then, he launched it into the air toward the sky, watching the wind carry it away higher and higher-once again on the breeze as it should be.

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