It's my own desire...............................It's my own remorse


"It's so true- this song-  we all want to run Everything."  


It is the voice of the woman behind me- talking to her friend about the song (I remember that we have reached the point where 80s music is Muzak). 

It is one of the great/bad things about Denny's - the booths are stuck next to each other- and if the place is not crazy busy- and this one is not- you can hear pretty much every word of your neighbor's story.    They want eggs over easy- extra cheese--they want bacon extra crispy- but not burnt- and they want apple juice- large- but no, they aren't picky-  that is what she told the waitress.  (Maggie,  who resisted the temptation to roll her eyes, until she walked away, but I saw her)

They are also very tired of this town and tired of bad weather.   They hate the Midwest and want to move. 

Her friend is mostly saying  mmm, hmm  which I am sure she knows is the best move, because there is no winning an argument with this type of person, so why start,  especially at 6 am on a Sunday.   

  It's not worth the trouble,  that is what I think- and I guess I also said it out loud -which is why she leaned over the booth to look at me


What's not worth the trouble?  " 

I wish she was not attractive, but too late, she has the disheveled, still looks great in rumpled sweater and oversized coat thing.    Her hair was a disaster and also a beautiful shade of auburn, because she had to be a redhead, I mean seriously   

Arguing is what I meant- its not worth arguing about - is what I was thinking- but I didn't mean to bother.   

Now of course, I do mean to bother,  mostly because of those green eyes.   She is also both curious and animated so I am now wanting to see where this goes. 


I'll ask you- she starts-  isn't it true ?   Don't we all want to be in charge - make the rules--  turn all the lights green- isn't that the honest truth, you believe in honesty- right ?  


She is both challenging and also inviting- so I take the bait- 

" Well, sure - we want things to be a certain way but the world works better if we share- if we scoot over and allow others to get by.  It has to be some of both"


I expect - I don't know  - a sharp dissent- or a dismissive snort- but I get neither. She regards me for a minute and I think she is considering me 

sizing me up,  maybe.  


"You should move over here--  eat with us-- that is what I think"


and I do. 












Nothing ever lasts forever,  Everybody wants to rule

the world  - tears for fears

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