The title is not mine. These are Lometa's words about loss. More specifically, the loss of two animals that were part of her family. We are all creatures of habit, after all.

The English language being filled with irony, of course, what we are talking about is the heavy presence of the departed-the large amount of space occupied by those no longer here. A lover who leaves, a family who moves away - or in Lo's case- a pet who dies. Those left behind find that all objects become personified:

"his bed," "her chair" "his favorite meal" ~ etc.

The Empty spots, the holes left behind, are more noticeable because of what is omitted. Person place or thing. If there is emotional attachment to someone or something then its absence will continue to take up space - its memory will persist and often it may seem to have more "weight" than when he/she/it was there .

If all of this seems a bit too spiritual for your ears you have never had the experience of waiting for footsteps that don't come up the stairs. It is a heartfelt silence that fills up the empty spaces.

A house full of people has conversations; vacant rooms have echoes.

peace to Lometa, peace to us all

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