We spent the entire assembly holding hands, 'til they got all sweaty but we didn't care, because it was hormones, it was hormones, but it was valid.

She used to wear tight short skirts, and she was the first girl I ever saw with a thong on.

She cried too, over off handed comments that I usually didn't mean. We made each other gasp, and had our first earth shattering orgasm together. We screwed on the golf course at night in the rain, drove up to Lake Tahoe in her new car, and listened to Lenny Kravitz and Prince.

Eventually she left me in a surprise spring time blizzard. I walked home along M Street, and the wind and the snow blowing on my face helped confuse the issue as to whether I was actually weeping or not. I mean, it was hormones, it was hormones, but damn it, it was valid

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