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So when exactly will you believe them? They could say it's aliens, and still be lying.

They just might have no idea what the hell happened. Unfortunately, most people will only believe them when they say what they want to hear.

I also saw a home video on the Discovery Channel (which is usually as reputable as basic cable gets), of the guy, who was the commander of the 509th back in 1947, stating that,

"No-way, no-how was that a weather balloon... I'll tell you, it was however, the damndest thing that I have ever seen."

The ex-commander died shortly after the filming of the home video... of natural causes, or so they say...

This of course gives no inclination as to what actually crashed in Roswell, but my own theory is that it was a killer Japanese Balloon Bomb.

An opinion I held for years as I devoured book after book about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and Roswell. Eventually, the sheer weight of the evidence overcame my innate desire to believe, and I now feel that it was indeed some kind of balloon.

Many of the pro-UFO parties involved have serious credibility problems, and the strongest piece of pro-UFO evidence remains that famous newspaper headline. With regards to that headline, it is quite likely that the specific military personnel sent to pick up the debris wouldn't know a spy balloon if it hit them in the back of the head. And back in those days, perhaps the government would have been more likely to claim contact with aliens than divulge nuclear and spy secrets.

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