I*tin"er*ant (?), a. [LL. itinerans, -antis, p. pr. of itinerare to make a journey, fr. L. iter, itineris, a walk, way, journey. See Errant, Issue.]

Passing or traveling about a country; going or preaching on a circuit; wandering; not settled; as, an itinerant preacher; an itinerant peddler.

The king's own courts were then itinerant, being kept in the king's palace, and removing with his household in those royal progresses which he continually made. Blackstone.


© Webster 1913.

I*tin"er*ant, a.

One who travels from place to place, particularly a preacher; one who is unsettled.

Glad to turn itinerant, To stroll and teach from town to town. Hudibras.


© Webster 1913.

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