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Izcalli is the Nahuatl word for House of Re-awakening and is a San Diego-based community organization. It was started in 1993 as a way for Chicano students to learn about their heritage.

Izcalli started with the mission of offering a Saturday school that would teach everything from Aztec Culture to graffiti art. It started with no money, no office and no grants.

Teatro Izcalli is a comedy troupe started in 1995 that moves in the same tradition as Culture Clash, presenting Mexican issues in a funny way. They've produced two full-length plays, 'Got Tortillas?" and "El Nopal Boy," both of which have received wide acclaim.

The organization also founded Cihua Ollin or movement of women to offer circulos of conversation to allow women to speak about their issues and emotions in a safe, productive environment.

Izcalli has made steps to help men as well. In 1998 Hombre Noble is a group meeting of Chicano and Native American men. They share prayer, spiritual discussion, laughs and feelings. In the last 7 years the annual gathering has grown significantly in size, men of all classes, incomes and professions take part.

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