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Everyone is very aware of high school parties whether or not they ever attended one. In high school, I never went to many parties where the goal was to get trashed, but the few I did go to were memorable in that something completely ridiculous happened each time.

Last Spring was a particularly memorable party at my friend's mother's house. In fact, his mother was there (let's all pretend to ignore the fabulous parenting skills found in this woman for a moment) passing out drinks.

I was, for the most part, fairly sober, and having a conversation with another of my friends. She's lovely and always entertaining when drunk, and at this particular moment, we were talking about how she could have a nice Jack Daniel's t-shirt, but none of us could afford a bottle of the stuff ourselves.

Just as she gets to the end of her sentence, the words seemed to wind down and her face grew ashen as I could see the moment of realization pass over her face - she was going to be sick.

Without missing a beat, she pulled out the collar of the t-shirt and retched down into it.

There is nothing like having comedic horror stories like that to tell about your friends.

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