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Hello, Folks.
Just read the news that the Joker is dead, even before he hit the silver screen.
My wife in particular liked Heath Ledger. Spotted him in 10 Things I Hate About You, and she said that this kid was going places. He did. I had to admit I liked his smarmy character in that movie. He played good character roles, when out of the blue he gets an Oscar nod for Brokeback Mountain, which is a fine flick behind all the smoke and mirrors.
He was found naked, near the foot of his bed in a rented apartment, with a smattering of prescription pills and sleeping aids strewn about his form. Geez, what a way to go. At least he left something of himself behind so he can be remembered properly.
Been away for a bit, and in the meantime I've been admitted into the Horror Writers Association and the International Order of Horror Professionals. One of my short-shorts is in the current issue of Literary Fever (and is based on one of my Walking Man stories here), and another Walking Man story formed the basis of an upcoming story purchased by Serpentarius Magazine. So, yes, dear reader, working on your writing skills here on E2 can help you get published.
I'll try to be on more often this year. I miss you guys.

Once again, the little one is being called upon to leave the nest. She was the only one chosen from her school to attend something called the Spring 2008 Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. (see here for more info.) She’ll be gone from March 1, thru the 7th. Once she gets there she’ll meet a bunch of kids her own age from around the country and they’ll tour the nation’s capitol and get some face time with some of our elected leaders. There'll be workshops and tours and all sorts of other stuff to keep them occupied and provide them with a little firsthand history into the inner workings of government. It’ll set me and my ex back about a grand apiece but I view this as a very good thing

Unlike her trip to Amsterdam last year where she was travelling with a bunch of kids her own age, this time she’ll be flying solo. When she debarks in DC she’ll be picked up by one of those folks holding up a card with her name on it. She thought that was “cool”.

While I’m happy to see her go I remain a little leery about the prospect of her flying alone. I guess it’s just the parent in me.

Oh well, there’s a lot of firsts in life and I guess this is just another one of them.

Damn, time moves fast…

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