There was a time...

There was a time Everything2 was a community for me. My homenode tells me I met noders in person. It also says my Homenode List Generator was last run almost eighteen years ago. It might as well be eighteen years ago, even if we're still five weeks shy of that. 5/936=0.00534188034.

Wait. Nineteen years ago. It's 2023 now.

My most recent writeup was in 2016; before that, in 2011. But in actuality it seems I have not been active here in some twenty years. Who was I, twenty years ago? I am not the same person I was, and I would probably have written every writeup differently now. I can't bring myself to read the old ones, because they were written by a stranger.

LastPass has brought me here today - they had one job, keeping user passwords safe in the cloud, and they failed at it. I hope I never fail at my one job. I hope I never have just one job. But LastPass failed, and so I am slowly, slowly going through my 1600+ passwords it had stored, changing every one. Not in LastPass, of course, I'll never trust them again.

(Aside: LastPass started next door to my favorite Thai restaurant, in a little building in Vienna, VA. I think I was predisposed to like them a lot longer than they were likeable, because I really like that restaurant.)

But I got up to the E's, and here I am. Many of the 1600+ sites have disappeared over the years, their useless login info languishing in storage. But E2 is still here. My login still worked. I changed my password. I put it in my new password manager. I'm here.

I don't know if I will stay, because there was a time Everything2 was a community for me, but I don't know who Everything2 is today, any more than I know who the stranger of twenty years ago was who wrote all those nodes.

But there was a time, and E2 was the place.

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