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A monthly column in Wired Magazine that tracks new and interesting jargon. The list is compiled by Gareth Branwyn, and features language from computer speak, other professions and popular culture. Perhaps the most well known example is the word webmaster which found itself in the pages of Jargon Watch well before it became an Internet standard. Submissions for the list come from around the world. Many of the words found in Jargon Watch are also in Jargon File.

In addition to the column in Wired, a compilation of some of the best examples was published as a book in 1997 and there's a webpage at www.jargonwatch.com. To submit a hot new piece of jargon, send an email to jargon@wired.com.

Several examples from Jargon Watch have appeared on Everything, most without giving credit. I will post writeups that I find from Jargon Watch here.

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