A theme restaurant in Manhattan, New York. Actually, two. One's uptown, the other is in Grenwich Village, but it's smaller.

Made with a Halloween theme, you sit down at a table surrounded by skeletons and werewolves. The staff is all dressed up as mad scientists and looks like the cast of Rocky Horror. Meanwhile there are TV's around the building showing trailers for classic horror movies, like Son of Frankenstein. Every few minutes, a statue or gargoyle begins talking, or a staff member gets on stage to recreate Frankenstein, complete with lightning.

Most of the place is very comedic, the bartender has a long chat with the skeleton above the bar, one day the gargoyle tried to channel the Spirit of Cathy Lee "Satan" Gifford.

Nothing in the restaurant is really scary or anything, which makes it a great place to bring your kids. Aside from the zany staff, the only thing newbies will have to get used to is the fact that the restrooms are hidden "for your inconvience." It's hidden behind the bookcase. You have to push.

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