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Bostonian indie rocker, aka Jennifer Trynin (she started going by Jen by the second album)

A power pop artist with an edge, Trynin has a haunting voice, sharp lyrics, and great accompaniment, which all come together to make her probably my favorite female artist.

Her first album, Cockamamie was released in late 1994, originally on Squint Records, and later re-released on Warner Brothers records. I first found out about Jen when a friend played Happier for me on his acoustic guitar. Intrigued by the sound and the lyrics, I bought a copy, and was duly impressed.

Her second album, Gun Shy, Trigger Happy, goes off in a bit of a different direction, with more divergence between the tracks, and a more produced feel. Just beneath the surface, however, lurks the same old Jen. A good album, but not as good as Cockamamie, IMHO.

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