Jenny’s In The Hospital is A Golden Look-Look Book. It was written by Seymour Reit and illustrated by Nina Barbaresi.

This book was given to me while I was in the hospital, when I was very young, with an unexplained illness. The reason: To ease my fears of the big hospital.

The story is about a young girl, Jenny, who breaks her arm and is taken to the emergency room. The book follows Jenny as she is taken to the emergency room by her mother, gets her arm x-rayed, gets a cast put on, and is admitted. She is given a tour of the hospital by an orderly, allowing the author and illustrator to give the reader a nice overview of the different parts of a typical hospital.

Jenny’s In The Hospital is a wonderful book for any child who has to go to a hospital for any reason, or for children who have a friend or relative who are being hospitalized. It shows the child that a hospital is a safe place where people are helped.

Publishing information:
Jenny’s in the Hospital
Published by: A Golden Book in New York, New York.
Western Publishing Company, Inc. Racine, Wisconsin 53404
Copyright © 1984
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 82-82611
ISBN: 0-307-11889-4 OR 0-307-61889-7

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