Jens Stoltenberg(1959-) is the prime minister of Norway. He is married to Ingrid Schulerud, and has two children. Mr. Stoltenberg has been a member of the Storting 1993, and was deputy member of the Storting 1989-1993 Leader of the standing committee on oil and energy affairs 1997-2000, and member of the Storting’s standing committee on social affairs 1991-1993. He was leader of the Labour Youth League (AUF) 1985-1989, and vice president of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) 1985-1989. Jens Stoltenberg’s government was appointed by the Norwegian King (Harrald) on 17 March 2000. It is a minority government representing the Labour Party.

Members of the Stoltenberg Government:

Prime Minister:
Jens Stoltenberg

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Thorbjørn Jagland

Minister of Defence:
Bjørn Tore Godal

Minister of Trade and Industry:
Grete Knudsen

Minister of Labour and Government Administration:
Jørgen Kosmo

Minister of Finance:
Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development:
Sylvia Brustad

Minister of Health:
Tore Tønne

Minister of Cultural Affairs:
Ellen Horn

Minister of Social Affairs:
Guri Ingebrigtsen

Minister of Transport and Communications:
Terje Moe Gustavsen

Minister of Fisheries:
Otto Gregussen
Minister of International Development:
Anne Kristin Sydnes

Minister of the Environment:
Siri Bjerke

Minister of Agriculture:
Bjarne Håkon Hanssen

Minister of Justice:
Hanne Harlem

Minister of Children and Family Affairs:
Karita Bekkemellem Orheim

Minister of Petroleum and Energy:
Olav Akselsen

Minister of Education, Research and Church Affairs:
Trond Giske

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