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João César Monteiro (1939 - 2003) was one of the most famous Portuguese filmmakers, as well as one of the most controversial. Borned in Portugal in 2nd of February, moved to Lisbon at the age of 15. In 1963, went to London where he studied cinema at the School of Technique. João César Monteiro, despite a filmmaker was Director, Actor, Writer, Producer and Film Editor. A highlight of his international carrier was his Trilogy:
  • Recordações da Casa Amarela - Recollections of the Yellow House (1989)

  • Comédia de Deus - God's Comedy (1995)

  • Bodas de Deus - God's Wedding (1999)

where he performed as the main character (João de Deus -Jean de Dieu). His work was honored at Cannes, the Venice Film Festival (where he received the Silver Lion) and the Mar del Plata Film Festival, among others. João César Monteiro passed way on 3rd of February 2003 with cancer, after his 64th anniversary. Despite his illness João César Monteiro was able to finish his last movie: Vai e Vem - Come and Go. Considered a masterpiece by the critic.

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