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Joan W. Blos was born on December 9, 1928, in New York. She's an only child. Her parents were teachers and she loves research, often spending most of her author time researching, rather than writing.

Her first children's book took twelve years to complete. She was almost forty when it was published.

She lives in Ann Arbor and enjoys camping, knitting, and making soup. She has a vacation house in New Hampshire. It's exciting!

The W stands for Winsor. Blos rhymes with close.



Brooklyn Doesn't Rhyme

Brothers of the Heart: A Story of the Old Northwest 1837-1838

The Days Before Now: An Autobiographical Note

A Gathering of Days (1980 Newbery Award)

The Grandpa Days

Hello, Shoes!

The Heroine of the Titanic: A Tale Both True and Otherwise of the Life of Molly Brown

The Hungry Little Boy

Martin's Hats

Nellie Bly's Monkey; His Remarkable Story in His Own Words

Old Henry

One Very Best Valentine's Day

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