Following the 1992 football season, Joe Gibbs retired as coach of the Washington Redskins and formed his own NASCAR racing team. Gibbs started with the #18 Interstate Batteries and using the Chevrolet as the car manufacturer. Dale Jarrett drove for Gibbs until 1994 when Bobby Labonte took over as lead driver. In 1993, the first win for JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing), is scored by Jarrett with a win at the Daytona 500, one year to the day that JGR made its Winston Cup debut.

In 1996, Gibs Racing makes the switch to the Pontiac and Interstate Batteries extends its contact with JGR. In 1998, Tony Stewart joins Gibbs' team as the team realizes that multi-car teams are the wave of the future. Stewart races the whole season for the Busch Series under JGR.

In 1998, Joe Gibs Racing and Home Depot announce a partnership when the #20 car is created with Tony Stewart as the driver in the Winston Cup and in his first NASCAR start he wins the pole position. Tony Stewart is named Rookie of the Year for 1998 and the fame of JGR grows.

In 2000, JGR anncounces that Coy Gibs will be racing part time in the Craftsman Truck Series. 2000 also sees the first Winston Cup Championship win for Gibs racing as Labonte wins his first championship. Stewart also finsihes strong that year. And in 2002, the team grows to field two Winston Cup teams, two Bush Series teams and one Truck Series team. That same year, Stewart wins the second championship for Gibbs and his first.

In 2004, Joe Gibbs announces that he will return to coach football, while his son J.D. will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the team.

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