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Situated on the most western tip of the Island of Montreal, in Sainte Anne de Bellevue. The College is named after Sir John J. C. Abbott, Canada's third Prime Minister. Over 5000 students are enrolled in the Day Division and about 2000 in the Continuing Education Division. JAC primarily serves the West Island Community of Montreal (60% of students), although you can also meet students here from other parts of Quebec and the rest of Canada (40% of students).

As one of 47 CEGEPs (collège d'enseignement général et professionnel) in Quebec, JAC offers two-year preuniversity programs that lead to university; and three-year career or professional programs designed to lead directly to the labour market. 76% of students are registered in a pre-university program, and 24% in a professional program.

"The mission statement of John Abbott College is to provide an excellent education for our students within a stimulating learning environment that will enhance their development and potential for success in society"

Housed in turn-of-the-century renovated buildings in historic Sainte Anne de Bellevue, John Abbott is a visually spectacular college long recognized as a prominent landmark in the West Island of Montreal.

Characterized by its tiled roofs and red brick buildings, the College shares a magnificent campus with Macdonald College of McGill University on the shores of Lac Saint-Louis. Distinctive architecture, stately trees and rolling green lawns in a charming semi-rural setting have all contributed to the College's reputation for being the most beautiful of the CEGEP network.

The name of each building has historical and/or educational significance:

The campus' placement does more than lend it aesthetic beauty. Since it virtually borders the main body of water surrounding the island of Montreal, the canoeing and kayaking clubs are extremely popular. The Morgan Arboretum is a mere five-minute drive to the north, and is used both by the physical education programs and students on their free time. Since the legal drinking age in Canada is (sensibly) 18, a local bar and restaurant of great repute in the College is Annie’s, also situated on the lakefront, that offers Kilkenny, Guiness and Sleeman’s on tap. The College also boasts some of the best parties in the city; but then again, what college doesn’t?

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