John Foxx was the original lead singer of new-wave band Ultravox, back when they were called Ultravox! with an exclamation mark. His real name is 'Dennis Leigh' and he was born in Chorley, Lancashire. He left the band in 1980 to pursue a solo career and was promptly replaced by Midge Ure, after which Ultravox went on to considerable commercial success. Foxx himself remained a cult act, despite producing several albums of mainstream pop music. Until Morrissey, he was probably the fey-est man in pop.

He's chiefly famous for his debut album 'Metamatic', a classic early-80s piece electronic release - the cold, alienated sound and out-of-tune singing was very reminiscent of Gary Numan, although this was because Numan had modelled himself on John's earlier work. John's subsequent release 'The Garden' was more euro-poppy, and after dabbling with Beatles-esque psychedlic pop he has since gravitated towards ambient music (with the album / ongoing musical project 'Cathedral Oceans') and teaching, in that he lectures on multimedia and graphic design at Thames Valley University in Ealing, London. He remains as thin as a rake, with pronounced cheekbones with which one could easily slice bread.

In the late-80s he adopted the name Nation 12 to produce soundtracks for a couple of classic Bitmap Brothers games including 'The Chaos Engine' and 'Speedball 2'.

His favourite scent is lemon; his favourite colour is light green.

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