British illustrator, most famous for his creation of the Guinness "menagerie" advertisements in the first half of the twentieth century. He is also responsible for illustrating the "Guinness for Strength" and "Guinness Time" ads. Examples of his work can be seen in many Irish or Irish-themed pubs, in the form of reproductions of the original ads. An exhibition of his work for Guinness and others took place in a number of venues in 1998, and part of this exhibition is now permanently installed in the Guinness Hop Store in Dublin. In October 2000, the exhibition can be seen in the new William F. Eisner Advertising & Design Museum, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

There used to be a really fine web site where you could learn more at but Guinness seem to have pulled it. Perhaps you could email Guinness if you want to know more.

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