Jon Miller is currently a TV/radio play-by-play announcer for the San Francisco Giants, as well as pairing with Joe Morgan for ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. To hear him tell it, he has the best job in the world, his dream job. Listening to him call a game is about the easiest way to spend an evening there is.

Miller started as a sportscaster in 1974 for Charles Finley's Oakland Athletics, teamed with Monte Moore. He worked similar jobs for the Boston Red Sox and the Texas Rangers in the late 1970's, before landing with the Baltimore Orioles before the 1983 season.

This is what I listened to, growing up. The only two things I snuck into bed with me were books and a small little radio. As the books required a flashlight to get much use, I instead spent many nights listening to Miller's baritone tell of Ripken and Anderson, Ballard and Moose. When Peter Angelos bought the team in the mid-90's and soon after fired Miller, it pushed more than a few Baltimore fans away from the game.

Reading up now, I see that Jon Miller has been awarded many accolades for his excellence as a broadcaster; this completly jibes with the quality I remember listening to.

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