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Canadian sex columnist.

Vogels began her sex-columnist career at Montreal's Hour English-language alternative weekly in 1994. She was widely considered the second-best of the city's two anglophone female sex-columnists (the other was Sasha, working for the Montreal Mirror), but had the good fortune to be with the alternative weekly affiliated with a larger national newspaper group. Her column, "My Messy Bedroom," now appears in 11 weeklies across Canada.

Vogels also maintains a more mainstream column in several Southam newspapers (major dailies, that is), called "Dating Girl." She has published four books, largely collections of columns.

Vogels actually bills herself as a "sex-and-relationships" columnist, which explains why she often delves into matters like dating manners -- not necessarily what you delve into the back pages of an alternative weekly, amid the ads for massage parlors and homosexual party lines, to read. (Or at least not what I delve into the back pages to read; I guess it's up to you.) The fact Vogels has such a strong mainstream presence (her Web site at http://mymessybedroom.com boasts that her point of view has been sought out by Glamour and Cosmopolitan) suggests that the things she discusses aren't exactly transgressive or alternative in any significant way.

She might scandalize a spinster aunt, but doesn't explore the sweatier parts of the human psyche and libido and get at what a good sex columnist should: how and why human beings can rut like animals a couple of times a week or more while maintaining our fa├žades of civilization and self-denial.

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