The Jules Rimet trophy was the original cup awarded to the team that won the soccer world cup, The trophy was the work of a French sculptor named Abel LaFleur, only 35cm high and made of 3.8kg of gold on a lapis lazuli base; the octagonal cup is borne by a winged female figure resembling the goddess Nike. This trophy was kept by the victorious national team until the next event four years later. It was awarded from 1930 to 1970 but only named after Jules Rimet, third president of FIFA and driving force behind the establishment of the event, in 1946. Jules Rimet himself presented the trophy with his own name to the victorious West German team in 1954 before retiring.

In 1970, Brazil became the first team to win the event a third time and the Jules Rimet trophy was permanently given to them. A new trophy was commissioned, which is simply known as the FIFA World Cup.

The cup was stolen in March 1966 at an exhibition in London, just a few months before the World Cup was to be held in England, It was found a week later under a hedge by a mutt named Pickles who was rewarded with a year's supply of dog food but met his demise in a violent cat chase before he could reap the full benefits of his good deed. It was stolen again in 1983 in Brazil and never recovered, possibly because Pickles is an unlikely name for a Brazilian dog. It's now believed to have been melted down by the thieves. The cup currently in the Brazilian Soccer Federation's trophy cabinet is a replica.

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