Sooooo.  I went last week and had yet another MRI (my eleventy-hunnerth) and then an afternoon visit to my oncologist.  Following a week of out-of-the-blue headaches.  Sure enough, I've got new stuff - tumors - going on in my brains.  Baby squid!  OTOH, my intuition is working just fine, thanks very much.

Coming up -
Saw the neurosurgeon Tuesday
Get whole brain radiation, for 10 sessions - I assume 10 days? - starting next week
Get PET/CT scan
Visit oncologist
Possibly start a new kind of chemotherapy, potentially all the time.

      Don't you wish you had your own personal medical 

It's not so good.  I don't currently have the right words. Fairly spaced out is probably the best description.  Gobsmacked?

Tess is up at Bob's in Washington, with Georgia visiting up there.  I spoke to Tess briefly Wednesday, without a lot of detail.  Her 13th birthday was the day before she left last week, and I got the news the day before.  I think neither K nor I could face it then.  We are going to talk to our local hospice next week, not because death is imminent, but because we want to know what we might be dealing with here.  Everything is speeding up.

I will try to write in more detail on the blog, for those that want the details.  I am doing well, Kevin is currently looking a bit like a deer in the headlights.

Love to you,

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