I guess a log is in place, given that many things have happened. As someone else said: I apologize for the long update, I didn’t have time to write a short one.

In no particular order:

  • Life is still hectic, although in a more positive way. I picked up a live interpretation gig for a few hours per week. Believe it or not, it’s supremely tiring, but it pays well. I’m still looking for a more permanent job, though.
  • Word Enchiladas are indeed coming back, but I first need to do a few things:
    1. Come up with good, new prompts for people to write about,
    2. Rework some of the rules and (GP) rewards,
    3. Rework how exactly to accommodate for people’s different schedules (so that most anyone can take part)
    4. Incorporate the above into the official ruleset
    5. Write!
  • For some reason (inability to focus), I haven’t been able to commit to a single book (or rather, to a single set of 2–4 books to juggle). This is one of the reasons why I’m so behind on my reading challenge. Therefore, I’ve decided that I will no longer log when I start a book, only when I finish it. Fortunately for me, some books can be left for days and weeks only to be picked back up with minimal re-reading.
  • On my birthday last year, my sister gave me a book/journal thing called «The 52 Lists Project». Obviously, the first thing that came to mind was the atrocious «52 Small Changes for the Mind» that I’ve reviewed. Today, after 6 months, I can say that this is a much, much, much better approach to essentially the same goal. I’ll have to review it properly.
  • Book log:
  • Game log (expect reviews on most of these):
  • Roe v Wade. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know how I feel, except for the broad fact that I feel awful and I fear for the future. I’ll collect my thoughts at some point.
  • Coffee log: I now have three coffee-making methods in this house (and two more at my mother’s house): A steel filter for percolation, a Hario V60 for percolation and a simple moka pot. Long story short: James Hoffmann’s methods are amazing, but I disagree on his coffee-to-water ratios, more on that on a later date. And yes, I still drink instant coffee because it’s what I’ve drank my whole life and just because I make «fancy» coffee doesn’t mean I will just throw out the simpler stuff. Some days I simply don’t have the mental energy to weigh and time things; on those days I just add a few spoonfuls of powdered stuff into my cup and get my fix.
  • I miss you all. I haven’t been around these past weeks for life reasons, but I want to say that I’m still on the positive side of the Scales of Life. I’m taking my time messaging and replying to you all, mostly because I appreciate you taking time to make good conversation and I want to reply in kind, which means I don’t want to just quick-fire anything that comes to mind. Feel free to message me here, or through email, or Discord. I’m still here and I miss you all.
  • Lots to think about during this «Not-E3» season, the Square-Enix garage sale and other nerdy stuff.
  • I’m in that strange situation where I want to have seen several series (Wandavision, The Mandalorian, The Bad Batch, etc.) but whenever I have free time I still feel more attracted to video games. I realize this is a First-World problem, and very much a good problem to have. But still, I wonder how can I possibly satisfy my wanting to experience these series. My hypothesis is that I’d rather engage with something in a more active way (hence, videogames) and passively watching something is somehow «boring» to my brain. I don’t know.
  • I miss you all.

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