So I randomly went on E2 yesterday, and discovered two things: one of my entries, the one about Wikipedia and female body shape, was on the front page, and I've now had an E2 account for the majority of my life.

Kinda neat.

I mean, I haven't been active on E2 for many years. I guess I migrated to Metafilter, and then to Twitter, maybe? But you're probably not surprised to hear that E2 still holds a dear place in my heart.

There's still a trickle of activity on here, which is nice to see. And coming back to the site yesterday, beyond the nostalgia, also felt calming. Just text, and no moving throbbing bits, no pictures, no endless screaming about the end times like on Twitter. And so the idea of writing a day log on here, on what's now an old and out of the way part of the net, with no optimising for eyeballs and retweets and reach, suddenly felt very appealing.

This is, of course, the kind of thing people do when they're really stressed, which I am right now. But it will pass. It's all small irritations that have piled up, and a background of large disasters that we all have to live with. So I'm spending the day cleaning the flat and replying to some emails.

I still love you, E2.

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