Hugs – going extinct:

Hugs are tight embodied closeness,
Not bending over politeness,
A true hug is full body to body,
Anything else is purely shoddy,

Sideways one arm hugs should die,
So my favorite hugs can get by,
At least give me a bear hug,
Cause hugs are my choice of drug,

Kisses are second place,
Without a body to embrace,
Put both your arms around my neck,
Pull me out of my internal wreck,

I don’t know how else to show,
My affection that desires to glow,
Without a hug I’m all alone,
Turning into hard unpolished stone,

Hold or press against me like a snuggle,
Cherish the clasp of arms like a cuddle,
Squeeze me when I say hello,
Cradle me at our goodbye show,

Share with me a free hug,
Old or young, just a beautiful hug,
Crisscross our arms or yours on top,
Mine on bottom, just never stop.

Show your love with a hug; hug a stranger today.

At least check this out:

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