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Concert last Thursday, and visitors from Berlin. I had an after concert reception at my house which went until about 10:30pm. I stayed up with my guests until midnight.

Friday clinic, then time with the guests, then they left and a dinner party at a friends.

Saturday morning, in the car and off to Puyallup for a 90th birthday party of a friend. Gorgeous party, gorgeous garden and a 100 year old congratulating the 90 year old. I hid behind my camera at that party. It's an introvert trick: no one talks to the photographer. Whew.

Home again and tired and spacey on Sunday.

After being so sick in 2014, ten months out and a year of working half time, it feels very strange to have a social life again. My muscles work again, but I can still get overtired. Then I wake with a 3:30 am severe headache, nausea, vertigo, abdominal cramps....No migraines ever before that systemic strep A. I am finally calling it a migraine. It puts me back to bed for 3-6 hours. That's better than in 2014: then it would last for three days.

It's nice to have energy for friends again. And I still have to husband my energy.


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