It has been a weird few days.

The IT is injured. She injured her left knee two years ago sailing. She went to the ER, xray negative, crazy busy, so left. Saw her college medical center and was told that it was a collateral ligament tear. I forget if was medial or lateral. She did some PT. Then she says it was fine.

So she arrived here about 3 weeks ago and became the house troll. Not grumpy. Just mostly in the basement. I have an old house, daylight basement, so essentially three floors. She is doing Teach for America and has summer graduate school. Seven classes. She slammed through the first six by sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours a day and then later doing two hours of homework.

I am still arranging the house for the first time in 21 years, and also when the antique book place went belly up recently, I bought some books. Like, well, they were $1.00 each. I bought four bookshelves too, smaller ones that they helped me wrestle into my Scion and then I had to wrestle out alone at the other end. It was before my daughter arrived.

Anyhow, there were still two rooms of chaos and books, and various piles of uncleared chaos. Which I had tried to clear before she arrived, but pneumonia. And I want to play some.

She sits at the chair that was at the desk that I set up for her. One of those knee chairs.

She finishes class number six, lay down for a nap and crashed. She wakes up and stretches and something bad goes PING in her foot and then her knee is wrong and HURTS.

WTF? So anyhow she says it feels unstable. Those are the words that to me mean anterior cruciate ligament tear, fungk. Damn it. While she has been down in the daylight basement being a grad school troll, she also has been biking to the water at 7 am, swimming, returning on the bike, showering and dressing and then if I was home I would hand her a bowl of oatmeal at 7:50, school at 8 am. She also emerged for food in the evening and during breaks in the day. And she biked or ran most evenings.

We go to Urgent Care after a couple days, where the grumpy PA says, "Your ligaments are fine and wearing an ACE Wrap will make your muscles weak." which I think is utter bullshit and anyhow I watch the exam and she doesn't test the ACL. Jayzeus. But the IT gets crutches. She uses them without the ACE wrap because the PA SAID. Damn it. I am supposed to have an MRI of my lower leg on Saturday, and ortho today, but I call and plead and the MRI gets switched to her and the ortho. We reschedule my MRI for after I see the ortho again cuz I pretty sure I don't need no MRI.

Saturday the tech is really nice and lets me watch the images. I don't really read MRIs. He can't officially because he a tech. But... the posterior cruciate ligament is thick and fat and black. The anterior cruciate ligament is frayed and streaky, and about 1/2 the size. Well, probable partial tear. Damn, damn, damn.

The IT is VERY UNHAPPY. This is NOT WHAT SHE PLANNED. She has now returned to the stupid grad school stuff and nearly finished the last class. She drove up from Colorado in her new used 2017 5 speed Ford Fiesta... bit hard to drive with no left knee. The EF arrived on Friday, so he may drive her back to Colorado depending on what the ortho says today. Also her insurance switched. She and I spent two hours on phones on Friday, trying to get hold of her new card and number and making sure the damned MRI was covered. It was and the new insurance has this hospital in network. Whew.

Anyhow, she hates not exercising and was miserable yesterday. I couldn't comfort her much and then I fell asleep for a nap at 7:30 and slept through to 4 am....

Light candles and send prayers and comics and good energy for the IT. I am hoping it's a big ass brace but it may well be surgery and she MINDS and it's not clear that I can go up to 5000 feet in Denver with my current stupid post pneumonia antibody thing. Damn it. Otherwise I could drive her. I will call and talk to pulmonary today and see how much oxygen I would need at 5000 feet. Damn.


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