The fussy, almost fretfully reserved voice I've adopted here on E2 is probably a legacy of my Catholic schooling. I want very badly to be liked here. And the very first essays I ever wrote were an angry nun's punish assignments.

Every time I prepare a writeup, I can feel the doleful eyes of Jesus upon me, daring me to wound him further with a text that will only be nuked.

I'm sorry Jesus. I can't help it if I don't want to write factuals anymore. It's just too much pressure.

Bless me father, for I have sinned. I know getting to know you noders fucking sucked, but hell, that was 8 years ago, right? Yeah. Heh heh...right. You don't hold grudges do you?

Do you?

I mean, Jesus, Jesus! What the fuck do I know anyway? I'm just some scrawny kid who was locked indoors for 20 years with piles of dusty books that were cast off and forgotten by my older co-inhabitants. I can type up all the crap I learned from those cold, unfriendly books, or I can write about my life. My life is really messy and doesn't make much sense, but I figure it's better than reciting the definition for heterocyst, gyre, blastocyst, anomie...

The future of technology, nay, the world rests in expansion of communications

Everything2 has been one of the most influental of my life. From broard ranges of minds there have been provided for me a wealth of experience. In just about every concievable category, I've found the strongest emotions and deepest thoughts. All elequenty expressed in such a manner as to keep me still for hours at a time.

This, the greatest strength of e2 is also the source of it's greatest weakness.

Do you guys have any idea how fucking intimidating you all are?

Two months it took me to gather the courage to write something and that was after a year of lurking, sans-desire to even dream of attempting such a bold task.

This, I believe, to be the grand hinderance of the fulfillment of the destiny of this site to be one of the most expansive and professional archives of human nature.

Time is short so I'll be brief:

Forums? The catbox is a nightmare and the java is hardly a convinience. I love to sit and watch you guys chat as much as I do read your work but I just never get round to it. It's just not easy enough. And yes it's lazy but that's what we(hoi polloi?) are.

We want fast, simple and effective means of interaction with our favorite authors. To feel more of the community spirit which really drives this raft so we can become comfortable attempting to contribute to what is a very high standard but incredibly supportive entity.

I think that's all the suggestions I have. I thought there were more. Oh well.

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