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I went to the library today for the first time in a long time. My taste in books has shifted again, moving toward fantasy. My tastes have narrowed. I'm okay with that. I can no longer read for hours and hours like I used to. Perhaps it is because I read now for pleasure instead of escape. Who knows. But the real reason I felt like writing this was a bookmark I found. I like finding bookmarks in books I check out from the library. It feels like a connection, as strange as that is. But this bookmark is special. This bookmark is the torn corner of a blank piece of paper. Exactly like ones I use often. A bookmark made from whatever was lying around. And I found it and smiled and felt the strangest sense of camaraderie. I am thinking now, I had to go to the children's section of the library to get this book too. So more than likely the bookmark was left by a child many years my junior.

Godspeed you reading child you. Godspeed.

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