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The day that the members of the brit-iron email list gathered to go to the Art of the Motorcycle show at the Guggenheim Museum, New York City. I had come down from Boston the afternoon before on my '75 Commando.

The day started with coffee and the the need to effect some repairs owing to the minor crash I'd had on the way. Then it was off to the Village (Sidewalk Cafe) for brunch. We parked a collection of about 40 vintage brit iron motorcycles (there were several each of various BSA, Triumph, Norton and at least one each of Matchless and AJS.

After taking nourishment we saddled up and proceeded in the usual biker phalanx to make the run to the event. I have to say, proceeding across Manhattan among machines many of which were on a par with those being displayed at the museum was a thrill.

Two of our membership (Art of the Motorcycle|Ultan and Charles) worked on the exhibit and they and Brian Slark (who had contributed several of the bikes on display) provided their expertise in leading three groups through the show. I was glad to have landed in Brian's section, as he's an expert on Nortons.

After we'd taken in this astounding show, the group rode up to Spanish Harlem where a small gathering had been arranged at the end of a short dirt track which lead us to a club at the edge of the Harlem River.

We broke up around dusk and headed our separate ways. I went off to spend the evening with friends at the hellfire club, a fine end to a fine day.

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