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I'm mostly the same, which is why I haven't posted in some time. My rate of weight loss has slowed - rather, the lengths of my plateaus has increased, and the rate of loss decreased. This is expected and normal; every source I consulted said that the first four to six weeks are the 'extreme' loss periods, after which the rate flattens out in the expected curve. I also have just been cleared to start exercising seriously, which will likely help raise my metabolism; I also will be allowed solid food in another week and a half or two, which should help there as well. Raising the metabolism tends (according to anecdote) to lift the rate of weight loss again in the third month.

People ask if I feel better. I think the answer is 'no', both physically and mentally, with exceptions. My epiphany of being a broken food addict remains in force, and my general depression is much lightened, still. Day to day, however, I think the physical rate of change tends to make me feel permanently discombobulated, and the inability to eat real food is finally starting to accumulate mental weight as my stomach heals and a (small) appetite returns.

On the plus side, I'm definitely changing body shape. I am within 2 inches of fitting into the leather biker jacket I wore in the early to late 1990s when I was riding motorcycle. I am fitting into some shirts that I couldn't even get my arms into when I started this process six weeks ago. That's pretty amazing. I told myself that when I fit into that jacket again, I can start shopping for a new bike as a mid-life crisis toy.

One interesting observation is the difference between abdominal and body fat, i.e. adipose tissue underneath the abdominal muscle layer vs. that under the skin layer. I'm losing a great deal of the latter, visibly. It's clear that my body is absolutely willing to sacrifice that to preserve the abdominal fat, which isn't nearly as affected (at least visibly). My legs and arms are showing definition (flabby musculature, especially due to 2 months severe diet and quiescence, but definition) but my torso's shape, while changing, is mostly changing due to exterior fat layers sloughing off.

As the rate of weight loss slows, I'm turning to what those who have gone through this call something like 'NSV' for 'Non-Scale Victories'- fitting into those shirts, having to buy new pants, finding my shoulders don't hurt quite as much in the morning, etc.

Weight: 286.4

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